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Promoted Answers

Reach high intent users that are ready to convert

Convey your value proposition in a native and engaging format exclusive to Quora.

About Promoted Answers

Promoted Answers are organic answers on Quora that work as an ad. This long-form ad unit allows you to own the conversation around your brand, product, service, or industry. Promoted Answers can be served by the entire Quora Ads targeting suite to reach new audiences within Quora.

Benefits of Promoted Answers

Thought Leadership

Have a voice in questions being asked about your organization or products.

Evergreen Answers

Content on Quora delivers leads and drives influence for the long term.

Amplify Existing Content

Use content from your blog/website to answer a question on Quora.

Promoted Answers capture high-intent audiences

Goal: Acquire new customers

monday.com, a team management B2B software tool, used ads on Quora to drive high quality leads at a higher ROI than other ad platforms.

Higher ROI than other ad platforms

10MImpressionsper month


Solution: A killer targeting strategy

Following Quora Ads' best practices and testing various targeting strategies for a 60 day period, monday.com discovered their optimal combination of targeting and creative to reach an engaged audience on Quora.

Reach millions of users on Quora with Promoted Answers

Goal: Branding, awareness andthought leadership

DuckDuckGo offers tools to help you control your personal information online, including Private Search, which allows you to search the web without being tracked. With more and more Quorans researching Internet privacy, DuckDuckGo capitalized on this engaged audience and shared their message with Quora's 300+ million unique monthly visitors.


82k New Followers


Solution: Join the conversation

DuckDuckGo realized there were already conversations happening about its service on Quora. As a result, they accelerated the buzz by promoting answers written by their CEO & Founder, Gabriel Weinberg, so that they could augment their presence on the platform in an authentic way.

“Quora has proven to be a valuable channel for us to connect and engage with a broad audience.”

- Gabriel Weinberg, CEO & Founder at DuckDuckGo

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