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Acquiring cost-effective leads at scale


increase in leads*


lower CPAs*

Their goal

A sustainable lead source

With millions of questions and answers being added to Quora monthly, The Motley Fool Australias team saw an opportunity to reach users in an engaged and inquisitive headspace. In particular, The Motley Fool’s team sought to drive quality leads and sales that met CPL and CPA targets. 

Leveraging Quora to reach a high-intent audience

Their solution

Quora’s unique audience and platform were key attributes that appealed to The Motley Fool Australia. Keeping Quora’s unique audience in mind, The Motley Fool worked closely with the Quora Ads team to determine topics and interests that would reach users who are likely to subscribe to their financial reports.

Image ads at scale

Their creative

An emphasis was placed on running multiple creatives simultaneously to determine which ones performed best in campaigns. Sam Fuller, The Motley Fool’s Direct Response Marketing Manager, recommends having enough creatives to test the effectiveness of different ad copies.

The [Quora] team has been great in communicating creative performance and guiding us in a direction that best suits the platform. This ensures we are consistently optimizing performance on the creative front.

– Sam Fuller, Direct Response Marketing Manager, The Motley Fool Australia

Their advice

Be realistic & transparent

For businesses getting started on Quora Ads, Sam offers the following advice:
1. Be realistic when starting new channels and campaigns: “New channels and campaigns take time to find their groove. Don't be impatient and pull the pin after a few days. Be realistic in the targets and budgets that you set. I find it best to set these goals in partnership with your account team. The account team will be able to take on a more active role in helping your business achieve its goals if they help set them in the start.” 
2. Be transparent in your working relationship: “Transparency is like respect, it's a two way street. Be open and honest with your account team about everything that is relevant. It's difficult for either party to work together towards a shared goal if important pieces of the puzzle are missing.”

Their success

47% lower CPAs overall

With help from their Quora Ads team, The Motley Fool Australia achieved stellar results on Quora. Compared to when they first launched, lead volume increased 111% while CPLs decreased 6%. In-session and overall CPAs also decreased 19% and 47%, respectively during the same time frame*.

*Metrics reflect Quora Ads performance improvements between June 2021 and October 2021. 

The team at Quora is fantastic. They are true partners that help you grow at a stable and sustainable rate. They are realistic with expectations, but continuously surprise me with what they are able to help us achieve.

– Sam Fuller, Direct Response Marketing Manager, The Motley Fool Australia 

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