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Launch Ads in minutes.

Reach an engaged, high-value audience with Quora Ads.

Launching your first campaign takes three simple steps:




Set up a Campaign: 

Choose an objective, budget, and schedule.

Create an Ad Set: 

Define your targeting, audience, and bid.

Design your Ad: 

It only takes two lines of text and a landing page to get started.

Start by selecting the objective that best fits your company’s goals:

Conversions – Increase a certain action on your website

Installs – Increase downloads of your mobile application

Traffic – Increase traffic to your website

Awareness – Increase awareness of your brand

Lead Generation - Generate leads with prefilled information from Quora

Reach your audience by choosing fromour four targeting types:

Contextual Targeting

Audience Targeting

Behavioral Targeting

Broad Targeting

Show ads relevant to specific topics, keywords, or questions.

Show ads to audiences that match web traffic, lookalikes, or contact lists.

Show ads based on a user’s interests or past activity.

Show ads widely across Quora to maximize potential.

Choose from text ads, image ads, or promoted answers to launch your campaign:

Text Ads

Image Ads

Promoted Answers

Get straight to the point with a short description of your offering.

Use imagery and text to showcase your product or service.

Educate and convert your audience with longer-form content.

Measure and optimize your campaigns with Quora's Ads Manager

See conversion data in the Quora Ads Manager to drive insights that can help optimize performance and meet goals.

It's easy to get started

Create your account in minutes and start reaching your audience on Quora.

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