Holiday research starts on Quora

Every year, more and more people visit Quora to conduct holiday research. And users start early. Answers about Christmas receive spikes in views starting as early as September.

Internal Quora Data, August 2021

In particular, users are turning to Quora for decoration ideas, gift advice, and to learn the history of holiday traditions like Secret Santas.

Internal Quora Data, August 2021

Top Holiday Questions

Strategize your shopping

Long before the holidays, users around the world are on Quora reading advice and stories about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


Quora visitors conduct research online before making major online purchases*


Quora visitors conduct research online before making major offline purchases*

Internal Quora Data, August 2021

Boxing Day is another hot topic, with users actively conducting their research in between November and December. 

Internal Quora Data, August 2021

Top Holiday Shopping Questions

Game On

More gamers are visiting Quora to discuss game plays, new trends, and product launches. With the holiday season coming up, the most viewed questions under Gaming Consoles have centered around product comparisons and console purchases.

Internal Quora Data, August 2021


of Quora visitors are the first among their friends to buy new tech gadgets*

Quora users are


more likely to have spent 16+ hours/week using game consoles*

Top Gaming and Electronics Questions

*Comscore Plan Metrix, 2020

Have a happier holiday on Quora

Quora is where the global community meets to share holiday stories and advice. From turkey roasting tips to Secret Santas, Quora has the answer to all your holiday questions. 

Our users love learning about holiday traditions, shopping hacks, and the newest technology, so now is the perfect time to get started with Quora Ads. Get your holidays started on the right foot by visiting our resources library, or by downloading our Holiday Campaign Guide for seasonal inspiration. 

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